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My Shawnee
Pretty girl

Pretty girl

We had been anticipating the birth of Shawnee's cria. Instead, tonight, Aug 23, we lost them both around 11pm. It's almost never a good thing for labor to become obvious at night. Tonight was no exception.

She started showing obvious signs of labor around 8pm. When no progress was made, our vet was called just after 9. She got there about an hour later.

At first, it seemed all was ok. Feet and nose were present, so she pulled them out. But nothing else would come. It was apparent something was wrong. Bottom line, it was a bad dystocia. Baby was positioned really badly, with several parts stuck. Shawnee was not contracting and pushing. After an hour and a half of of heroic work by our vet, the baby was out. She tried for quite a while to revive it--a beautiful light fawn boy (whom I had decided to name Moonshadow due to the great big orange moon outside)--but it was not to be.

Then we realized Shawnee was in great distress. Her gums were white. She was bleeding out somewhere internally and it was happening fast. There was no saving her, so euthanasia was administered.

My beautiful Shawnee and her cria are gone--but somewhere over the rainbow bridge, she's pronking with Moonshadow and being the best mom ever.

We miss you both.