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"Lawdy, Miss Scarlet!"

10-15 minutes old
2 days old

2 days old

1 day old with mom

1 day old with mom

"Lawdy, Miss Scarlet! I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies!"

Well, last Sunday I felt just about like Prissy in "Gone With the Wind"!

We had just finished a day and a half of shearing and I was cleaning runs, all the while keeping an eye on one of my girls, Tweeter. She had looked uncomfortable all day, so we had checked with our vet and found that she was out of town. I had about given up on the baby being born that day, when all of a sudden there was a water bag--but no body parts visible. All I could see was the tip of something--turned out to be an ear. No progress was being made--so here's where the Prissy moment came.

I had to wash up, glove up, and go in. My first foray into alpaca innards didn't give me much info, except that intervention was necessary. So, back in I go and determined that the little fella's head was tucked down towards his chest. So, now what?! I had to push him back a bit to get room to maneuver and flip his chin up. Mission accomplished and I got a nose out. But, still no feet. So, I had to fish for a foot--got it--and the other one popped out. From there on, we were home free--and in a few minutes--there was a beautiful 19.2 lb gray boy. Thank goodness for neonatal classes!

And like any good alpaca--as soon as his head and legs came out--Tweeter went back to eating!