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Classes and Shows

Our 3rd Saturday Fiber Day is Jan 19 11- 4 on a drop in basis. You can come spin, weave, knit, crochet, needle felt--whatever fiber art you prefer. Bring a snack to share, if you like. Upcoming dates are: Feb 16, March 16.

We now have Saturday Spinning Days the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 11- 4.  Bring a snack to share if you like!  I will most likely be at the Stock Show those Saturdays in January, but just come on in. We'll be ready for you.

Your Input
We value your input.  If you have any suggestions for classes you would like to see, let us know.  We want to know what you would like to learn!

Upcoming dates are:
January 11, Feb 8, March 8 from 5-8.


Ok, Crocheters, we have a crochet along starting in February.  This will start Feb 1 and go through Feb 22. In store crochet times will be
1-3.  We will be making the Queen Cersei Shawl.
Patterns can be bought through the store.  You can now buy ravelry patterns through us when you come in to get your yarn!  This is Honey Girl Farms Deluxe sock in the Queen Cersei colorway.  I am just finishing one in Young Fergus.  We have many colorways that will work for it!  

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving       
Two days, 3 hours each
Rigid heddle looms are a simple, portable and inexpensive introduction to weaving, yet are extremely versatile in their patterning possibilities. In part one of this class you will learn how a rigid heddle loom works, what you can do with it, how to calculate how much yarn you need, and how to warp your loom with even tension and get started weaving. In part two, you will learn how to weave with good selvedges and an even beat, change colors and work with different yarns, fix a broken warp, different finishes for the end of your weaving, and how to remove your weaving and finish your cloth. We will discuss the various weave structures that are possible on these looms.
Stop by the shop before class to choose appropriate yarns. We will have looms available (Schacht Crickets, Ashford Sample-It, etc) or you may bring your own rigid loom with all parts, and stand if you have one. You will leave with either a small sampler or a scarf, depending on the amount of yarn you choose to purchase.

Date:  Feb 16 and Feb 23 (Sat)
Time:  1:30-4:30
Instructor: Terri Veragen
Cost:  $110.00  
Minimum for Class: 2  Max. 6
Location:  Blazing Star Ranch, 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113 (inside Anderson's Vacuum)
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  Pre-payment is required.


Fiber Processing Class 101 
In this class, we will talk about different types of fleece.  We will look at the characteristics--staple, fineness, etc.  We will work on skirting a fleece, talking about how to prepare it for processing.  We will work with alpaca and wool.  Washing fiber will be demonstrated.  In the interest of time, I will provide washed fleece samples that we will examine and prepare using hand cards, wool combs and drum carder.
Finally, we will look at the best uses for the fiber.  Should it be felted, spun?  Is it next to skin soft?  Only good for rugs or wall hangings?  
Fleece and roving will be provided.  Feel free to bring small amounts of a fleece you would like looked at.  Please be sure it is free of any bugs :)

Date:  Feb 20 (Wednesday) (rescheduled due to weather)
Time:  10-4
Instructor: Karen Champion
Cost: $100
Class Minimum: 2 
Location:  Blazing Star Ranch, 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113 (inside Anderson's Vacuum)
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  Pre-payment is required.





Intermediate Wheel Spinning

Now you've mastered the basics and you can spin yarn! Isn't it wonderful? In Intermediate Wheel Spinning, learn new skills to take your spinning and your confidence to a higher level. Spin more efficiently and get the results you desire by learning: new drafting techniques; how to control yarn diameter (grist); how and why to choose a method to best suit your purpose, fiber or fiber preparation. As your product improves your confidence goes up. All good things! We'll review the spinning wheel: what are ratios, how to adjust your wheel to make it do more of the work for you, and its special features. We'll discuss ergonomics to make your spinning time productive, not pain-inducing. We'll review plying, including 'navajo' style plying.
Please bring:
  • Spinning wheel, all related wheel supplies including oil, your tool kit, an extra drive band, and lazy kate
  • At least 2 empty bobbins
  • Two bobbins with handspun singles on them, which you will use to practice plying; and one bobbin with handspun singles to practice "navajo" style plying
  • Bring fiber with you of the type you usually spin or are most comfortable spinning to use in class, including some combed preparation and some carded preparation. If you don't know what that is, that's okay, just bring your favorite 
  • fibers
  • Bring fiber with you that you have difficulty spinning, or fiber that you would like to spin but have not
  • Bring problems and questions and we will solve them in class
Some fiber will be supplied for exercises during class, $15 materials fee.
Anita E Deen has been spinning for about 25 years and teaching for more than 20 years. Once an avid weaver, spinning pretty much took over her creative life. While there is room in the house for her beloved husband of 40 years, and her dog and the couch and a loom; fiber, yarn and spinning wheels are everywhere. Anita teaches at local knitting shops, and has taught at Convergence, the Estes Park Wool Market, Guilds, and has been published in Handwoven Magazine. She likes to knit her handspun, gift it to her sister to weave, or keep it in great piles.
Date:  March 9 (Saturday)
Time:  10 - 1
Cost $60.00
Materials Fee:  $15.00
Class Minimum 2. Max 6.
Instructor:  Anita Deen
Location:  Blazing Star Ranch (inside Anderson's Vacuum) 3424 S Broadway. Englewood, CO  80113
Prepayment is required.  Please call 303-514-8780 to reserve your spot.


Spinning Novelty Yarns - Cables, Beads and Corespinning
novelty yarn
Add pizzazz to your textiles by spinning some novelty yarns, which can be used to construct entire garments or used as accents. Learn to spin cabled yarns, yarn with incorporated beads, and corespun yarns using carded batts or locks of wool.
Please come to class with two bobbins of different-colored medium-sized singles wool yarn spun in the same direction with medium twist, two empty bobbins, a spool of sewing thread, a sewing needle, and a lazy kate, as well as your spinning wheel. Beads, mohair locks and core yarn will be provided or bring your own
Date: Wednesday, March 20
Time:  1-4
Instructor:  Terri Veragen
Cost $60.00
Material fee to instructor $10
Minimum for Class: 2  Max. 6
Location:  Blazing Star Ranch, 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113 (inside Anderson's Vacuum)
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  Pre-payment is required.

Intermediate Hand Spindle
Instructor: Anita Deen

Come and learn the tips and tricks that will make your spindle spinning time more productive and enjoyable - you'll spin more yardage in less time and enjoy your spinning time more. How?
By learning the fine points of choosing a spindle, which helps you choose the right spindle for your fiber, and for your spinning goals. We'll review the basics of spindling and how to make clean, strong joins. Learn additional drafting methods for the spindle and how to wind-off, and ply.  Learn to make your motions efficient and effective, helping you avoid injury. We'll review good spindle  habits, posture and ergonomics, and so much more! We'll also review fiber and fiber preparations, how they affect your spinning, and how to choose the right fiber for your projects. 

Please bring:
All of your spindles, especially if they're different weights and types
Balls (not skeins!) of handspun, to use for plying
Fiber - types you like to spin
Fiber - types you do not like to spin (if any)
You'll use this for spinning during class. Additional fiber will be supplied by instructor.
Date: March 26 (Tuesday)
Time: 1 - 4
Cost: $60.00  Materials Fee: $7.00 (payable to Instructor)
LOCATION:  Blazing Star Ranch, 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Class size is limited.
We will also have other spindles available for purchase!
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  If I am away from the phone, please leave a voice mail. Pre Payment is required.


Beginning Spinning  
Instuctor:  Karen Champion
Date: Wednesday, Feb 13 and Feb 27
Time: 1 - 4
Cost $80.00 Material Fee $20.00
Wheel Rental Available @ $25/ week


This is a 2 session class.  In the first session you will learn a bit about the wheel, different fibers and how to spin a single.  Then you will have homework over the 2 weeks in between sessions.  In the second session you will learn several ways to ply your yarn and set the twist.
Space is limited.  Prepayment is required. To register, call 303-514-8780






The Knitter's Guild of Denver meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Englewood Library.  Great group--lots of knitting!


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