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Classes and Shows


3rd Friday of the month from 5 - 8

December 15

Friday night knitting will change to the 2nd Friday of each month in January!

Beginning Spinning                                     

Instructor:  Karen Champion

Date:            December 5 and 19
Time:  1-4
Cost $80.00 Material Fee $20.00
Wheel Rental Available @ $25/ week
Location: 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

This is a 2 session class.  In the first session you will learn a bit about the wheel, different fibers and how to spin a single.  Then you will have homework over the 2 weeks in between sessions.  In the second session you will learn several ways to ply your yarn and set the twist.

Space is limited.  Prepayment is required. To register, call 303-514-8780

If the dates do not work for you, please call and we can schedule a time.


Intermediate Hand Spindle
Instructor:  Anita Deen
Come and learn the tips and tricks that will make your spindle spinning time more productive and enjoyable - you'll spin more yardage in less time and enjoy your spinning time more. How?
By learning the fine points of choosing a spindle, which helps you choose the right spindle for your fiber, and for your spinning goals. We'll review the basics of spindling and how to make clean, strong joins. Learn additional drafting methods for the spindle and how to wind-off, and ply.  Learn to make your motions efficient and effective, helping you avoid injury. We'll review good spindle  habits, posture and ergonomics, and so much more! We'll also review fiber and fiber preparations, how they affect your spinning, and how to choose the right fiber for your projects. 
Please bring:
All of your spindles, especially if they're different weights and types
Balls (not skeins!) of handspun, to use for plying
Fiber - types you like to spin
Fiber - types you do not like to spin (if any)
You'll use this for spinning during class. Additional fiber will be supplied by instructor.

Date:  December 2
Time: 10 - 1
Cost:  $55.00  Materials fee (to instructor) $10.00
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113, inside Anderson's Vacuums
Please call Karen at 303-514-8780 to reserve your spot and prepay

Instructor: Terri Veragen
Class Description:  
Have you always wanted to try your hand at weaving? Rigid heddle looms are a simple and inexpensive introduction to weaving.This 2 part class is a great intro! In part one of this class you will learn how a rigid heddle loom works, what you can do with it, how to calculate how much yarn you need, and how to warp your loom with even tension and get started weaving. In part two, you will learn how to weave with good selvedges and an even beat, change colors and work with different yarns, fix a broken warp, different finishes for the end of your weaving, and how to remove your weaving and finish your cloth. We will discuss the various weave structures that are possible on these looms.
We will have looms available (Schacht Crickets, Ashford Sample-It, etc). You may bring your own small loom if you have one. 

Date and Time:  Part 1 Dec 7 10-1,  Part 2 Dec 14 10 -1
Cost: $110.00 for both parts. Materials Fee $15.00
          You may take the classes as single classes. The cost for each class as a single 
           is $60.00. If you have a loom, please bring all the parts, shuttles, clamps,                  etc.  If you do not have a loom, we will provide one and you may rent one to  take home for practice in between parts 1 and 2 for $15.00 for the interval in between classes. The rental will apply to the purchase of a loom if you decide to purchase one within a month of your last class.
Place:  Blazing Star Ranch (inside Anderson's Vacuum)           
Please call Karen at 303-514-8780 to prepay and reserve your spot.
Minimum of 2. Limited to 5.


The Knitter's Guild of Denver meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Englewood Library.  Great group--lots of knitting!


Updated November 22, 2017