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Classes and Shows

Our 3rd Saturday Fiber Day is September, 15 from 11- 4 on a drop in basis. You can come spin, weave, knit, crochet, needle felt--whatever fiber art you prefer.  Upcoming dates are:  September 15, October 20, and November 17.

National Alpaca Farm Days  September 28 and 29
Come visit the alpacas of Blazing Star Ranch and Lazy Daze Ranch from 10 - 4 on the 29 and 30th of September.  We have some babies for you to see and we will have our wonderful alpaca products. 
Location:  2550 Windmill Circle, Elizabeth, CO  80107

Spinzilla is coming up!  Once again we will be spinning to make our goal of doing our personal best (or whatever you want to spin). Go to  to register for Blazing Star Ranch Blazing Spinners!  Spinzilla is Oct 1-7. 

Knit Along  We will be doing the Progressive Needles Knit Along with Skacel, the Match Play Poncho.  Here is the link to see what you need. 
It is done in Hikoo Sueno.  You can find color choices here.
We will be ordering your color choices mid-September, so let me know by Sept 17 which color you want,, so I can get it in!   

Sneak Preview:  We will be having a very special trunk show the last week of October!  Stay tuned!

*When you call to reserve classes, if I do not answer, please leave a voicemail and I will call you back.  I am out of town for a funeral til the 12th, but will get all your registrations done!


Sock Class Toe up, Two at a Time

Curious about learning to knit socks but are not sure where to start?  Trying to figure out how to get 2 socks to match?  Do you have a hard time picking up gusset stitches or hate working wrap and turn short rows?  Does Kitchner stitch give you fits?  Are you the victim of second sock syndrome?
If you answered yes to any of these, then our Two At A Time Toe Up Socks class is for you.
We will make 2 socks at the same time so that when you are finished, you are done.  You will have a pair of socks ready to wear.
The first two hour class will cover topics such as: how to fit a sock to your foot, the parts of a sock, how to cast on and continue knitting in the round using the Magic Loop method, yarn management, and increases.  In the second two hour class you will work the heel and find out how to make a stretchy bind off.
Once you register for the class, you will get information on where to download the pattern.  You will also need to bring size 2 (or size needed for a firm fabric) circular needles with approximately a 40" cable and yarn divided into two equal balls.
We have lots of sock yarn to choose from and the needle sizes you need.  Come in sometime ahead of class to purchase your supplies.

Dates: Sunday September 16 and 30
Instructor:  Lisa Kresge
Cost:  $60
Time:  12 - 2
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, Co  80113
Please call 303-514-8780 to register.  Prepayment is required.

Practical Color Theory & Blending Class

Karey Grant of Aspen Kid Denver Fibers and @Fibertraveler will be our instructor.  Karey is the maker of the beautiful art batts and some of the squishy handspuns you have seen at the store.

Without perhaps even being aware, we make choices and opinions on color combinations everyday. Let's apply this to our fiber endeavors! I will introduce you to a non-intimidating approach to choose colors to blend, and then we get to play.
Experiment with at least 3 different blending techniques, including how to use a drum carder to make a batt from my hand dyed merino and sparkle (if you so choose) along with any other goodies you bring or acquire. We will also have work stations for using a blending board, combs, hand carders, and play with making rolags and using a diz.
Date:  9/23  10-3
Cost: $100.00  Materials Fee $15.00 to instructor  
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Call to register for the class.  Prepayment is required.  Min. 3

Beginning Spinning                                     
Instructor:  Karen Champion
Date:  Tuesday September18 and October 2
        or Thursday, October 18 and Nov 1
Time: 1 - 4
Cost: $80.00 Material Fee $20.00
Wheel Rental Available @ $25/ week
Location: 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Please call 303-514-8780 to register,  Prepayment is required.
This is a 2 session class.  In the first session you will learn a bit about the wheel, different fibers and how to spin a single.  Then you will have homework over the 2 weeks in between sessions.  In the second session you will learn several ways to ply your yarn and set the twist.
Space is limited.  Prepayment is required. To register, call
Wheel rental applies to purchase of wheels purchased up to 2 months after class.

If these dates do not work for you, please call and we will work with you on dates. If you have your own wheel, you may bring it.

Beginning Knitting

In this class you will learn to cast on, knit and purl.  We will begin a simple scarf.  If you do not finish it in class, it is something you will be able to finish at home.  Cost of class includes knitting needles and  a skein of yarn.

Instructor:  Karen Champion
Date:  September 20, Thursday
Time:  2-5
Cost: $45
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 
(inside Anderson's Vacuum)
Please call 303-514-8780 to reserve your spot. Prepayment is required.  

Weave a Scarf on a Rigid Heddle Loom
(Beginning Weaving)

One day, six hours
Rigid heddle looms provide a simple, portable and inexpensive introduction to weaving, yet are extremely versatile in their patterning possibilities. In this one-day class you will learn how a rigid heddle loom works, how to calculate how much yarn you need, and how to warp your loom with even tension and get started weaving a plain weave scarf. We will discuss how to weave with good selvedges and an even beat, change colors, fix a broken warp, remove your weaving from the loom, and finishes for your scarf.
Stop by the shop before class to choose appropriate yarns. We will have looms available (Schacht Crickets, Ashford Sample-It, etc) or you may bring your own rigid loom with an 8-dent heddle and all parts, and stand if you have one.
Instructor: Terri Veragen
Date:  October 13, Saturday or
           November 6, Tuesday
Time:10 - 4:45 (We will have an approx 45 min lunch break, so bring your lunch!)
Cost: $110
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  Prepayment is required.

Weft-Faced Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

In this class we will explore a variety of weft-faced patterns, discuss what makes a good weft-faced fabric, and choose designs for four coasters to be completed at home.
The class requires an 8-dent heddle, 4 shuttles and 2 pickup sticks, with the loom to be warped before class. Call or stop by the shop for warping instructions and to choose appropriate yarns. We have pick up sticks in stock.
Instructor:  Terri Veragen
Date: October 23, Tuesday
Time: 1 - 4
Cost:  $60  
A $5 materials fee includes heddle rods, strings and handout.
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Please call 303-514-8780 to register.  Prepayment is required. 
Min. 2, Max 6

Spinning in Beads and Beehives, etc

In this short class, you'll learn some easy ways to add texture and sparkle to your yarn. We'll use several methods to incorporate beads into handspun using both singles and plying; and learn the basics of various coils and beehives. If there is interest among the class members, we'll also do some chain plying, which is a great technique to control color and size of yarn.
beaded handspun
Bring to class:
You will be given a list of materials to bring to class upon registration. (preferred)
Bring your spinning wheel, lazy kate, all whorls, niddy noddy, and the usual supplies such as orifice hook, oil, spare drive band, etc. 
You will need one bobbin with spun (and rested) singles; a second bobbin with slightly over-spun (and rested) singles; at least one empty bobbin, plus one or two bobbins to spin on in class - a total of three or four bobbins. More if you have them. If you don't have enough bobbins, use storage bobbins for the yarns needed for class.
Bring fiber to spin in class that you are comfortable spinning. You will use this to make more singles in class and also for plying. If you can, bring a couple of different fibers and colors.
Bring beads of various sizes (such as seed beads, and size 6 or larger), at least one spool of sewing thread or fine silk (fine enough to thread into your beads), a sewing needle to thread beads, a very small crochet hook that will fit through your beads, or a pack of "super floss", and fibers of various types and colors to use as accents.
Instructor:  Anita Deen
Anita has been spinning for over 25 years and teaching for more than 20 years. Once an avid weaver, spinning pretty much took over her creative life. While there is room in the house for her beloved husband of 39 years, her dog and the couch and a loom; fiber, yarn and spinning wheels are everywhere.  Anita teaches at local knitting shops, and has taught at Convergence, the Estes Park Wool Market, local guilds, and has been published in Handwoven Magazine. She likes to knit her handspun, gift it to her sister to weave, or keep it in great piles.
Instructor:  Anita Deen  
Date: October 25, Thursday
Cost: $60 Materials fee to Instructor $5
Prerequisite: Must be able to spin a continuous yarn
Please call 303-514-8780 to Register. Prepayment is required.
Introduction to Double Weave on the Ri
gid Heddle Loom
Are you familiar with weaving on your rigid heddle loom, but want to weave fabrics wider than your loom allows? By adding a second heddle and two pickup sticks it is possible to weave fabric that is twice the width of your loom, allowing you to turn scarves into shawls or blankets, and towels into tablecloths. In this project-based class you will learn to warp with two heddles and two colors, and weave a scarf with blocks of color. We will also discuss the additional possibilities of double weave, which will be taught in a future class.
Students will need two 8-dent heddles and a loom capable of accepting two heddles, two or more shuttles and two pickup sticks. Please call or stop by the shop for appropriate yarns. If you need another heddle, call now to order it.  I will need to know, brand, width and dent.  ( Most looms come with 1 7,5 or 8 dent reed. You will need a 2nd of whatever that is:) )
Instructor:  Terri Veragen
Date:  October 27, Saturday
Time: 12 - 4
Cost:  $70
Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Please call 303-514-8780 to register.  Prepayment is required.


Spinning Big Yarn

*(Please note correction in Materials fee and in what to bring to class from the newsletter!  I screwed up!)


Spinners often have a comfort zone in which their fiber choices and spinning styles are almost a default. If you usually spin fine yarns, how about giving big yarn a try? Learn how to make your wheel work for you by getting to know your wheel and its many functions, including its whorls and ratios; how to choose the fiber type and preparation most suited for spinning soft, thick yarns; and achieve desired results by using various drafting techniques.

Bring to class:

Bring your spinning wheel, lazy kate, all whorls, niddy noddy, and the usual supplies such as orifice hook, oil, spare drive band, bulky flyer if you have one, etc. If you choose, you can bring fiber if there is something particular you’d like to use (the class includes materials).

Instructor:  Anita Deen

Date: November 15, Thursday

Time: 1-4

Cost:  $60  Materials fee to instructor $25

Place:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113


Must be able to spin a continuous yarn

Please call 303-514-8780 to register, Prepayment is required.

Hand Carding and Woolen Spinning 

Knowing the basic differences between woolen and worsted can help you get the yarn you really want. After a short review, we’ll concentrate on woolens. Prepare lovely, lofty rolags using hand cards, and learn to spin using the long draw method, a fast way to spin which results in lightweight textured yarns suitable for making warm, water- and wind-resistant clothing, blankets and weft for weaving. We’ll also use the cards to blend colors, fibers, and commercial top. 

Bring to class: 
Bring your spinning wheel, lazy kate, all whorls, niddy noddy, and the usual supplies such as orifice hook, oil, spare drive band, etc. Bring hand cards, flicker brush, 2 very smooth chop sticks or dowels that are wider than your cards. Bring one or more types of short to medium staple locks of clean fleece, and a couple of prepared tops. Note: if you don’t have fleece, it can be purchased from the instructor for an additional fee (specify at registration). If you don’t have hand cards, a couple of pair will be available for loan during class (specify at registration).
*Always make sure your tetanus shot is up to date when working with fleece!
Instructor:  Anita Deen
Date:  November 27, Tuesday
Time 12-3
Cost: $60  Materials fee to instructor $10
Must be able to spin a continuous yarn


 Spin anywhere, anytime on a handspindle. These beautiful tools have been used for thousands of years, they're very productive, and they are still the primary tool for spinning in some cultures.

As portable as knitting socks, you can spindle while waiting at appointments, while your SO drives, while taking a paddling break in the kayak. It's amazing how much you will get done, and it's so much fun!

Learn all the basics in this class: how to handle fiber, how to draft and spin, how to make strong joins, how to speed spindle. Learn why there are different types and weights of spindles; how to recognize well-prepared fiber and how different fiber preparations affect your spinning.

This class is for the Beginner, but is a perfect refresher if you've been away from the spindle for a while.
Instructor:  Anita Deen
Date: December 6, Thursday
Time: 12-3
Cost:  $60  Materials fee (to instructor) $10
Place :  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Please call 303-514-8780 to reserve your spot.  Prepayment is required.
Easel Loom Weaving Class
November 10  Save the date!
Benjamin Krudwig will be coming in to teach us about these wonderful little easel looms.  More info to come!

Building with Lace Class
Learn to knit lace . Each class is 2 hours long. During this year long class, you will learn ten different lace patterns and gain the confidence to tackle any lace pattern you encounter.  In addition we will cover: provisional cast on, cables, knitting with beads, bind off edging, chart reading, and so much more.

Class 8: (Sept 12) nupps 
Class 9: (Oct 10) knitted lace
Class 10: (Nov 14) bind off edging, beads, blocking

The Building with Lace class follows the book by the same title.  By the end of the class you will have a sampler to enjoy or a handmade holiday gift. 
Stop by and see our oversized sample. 

Prerequisite: knitting basics (knit, purl) 

Meets the second Wednesday of the month from February to November, 4-6pm
Cost: Michelle Hunter of Knit Purl Hunter $20.00 
Register for single classes for $25 each 2 hour session
Call 303-514-8780 to reserve your spot!







The Knitter's Guild of Denver meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Englewood Library.  Great group--lots of knitting!


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